In attendance: Jerry Burrow, Shirley Harmon, Broadus Hubbs, Frank Abrams, Wayne Henry, Randy Daniels
Not in attendance: John Joiner, Paula Higgins, Don Lewis

Wayne Henry called the meeting to order.

Treasurers Report:
No verbal report given due to Paula being sick. Written reports were distributed to board members.
No motion made.

Pool and Bathhouses.
Need more chlorine: Jerry will order

Bathhouse supplies:
Tina to do inventory and get with Frank to order if necessary

Fla. Flats bathhouse:
Closed due to vandalism
Frank made motion, Broadus seconded, all approved.

Pond and waterfall
Haven’t heard back from aerator to be repaired. Decided to order new one and use older one for backup if repairable. Randy to get info for Paula to order.
Randy made motion, Jerry seconded, all approved.

Sewer and water:
Sewer running ok….will try to increase pressure by a few more lbs. next week
Frank made motion, Broadus seconded, all approved.

Took in $2007.04 plus $35 additional per Jerry…Jerry to get with Paula to make deposit

Took in $105 per Broadus, Broadus to give money to Judy
Shirley made motion, Randy seconded, all approved

New Business:

Mrs. Stanley needs Bradford Pear Tree cut down on common ground. Agreed to cut down…. Jerry made motion, Shirley seconded, all approved
Additional trees to trim-cut: One at Francis Adcock, two at April Armstrong: $750 total quote from Isaic Rymer,
Frank made motion, Shirley seconded, all approved

5 lots pending, liens to be filed on lots 23, 101 and 176
Frank made motion…Jerry seconded…all approved

Blacktop curbing:
19 locations $3597 quote from Weston…
Broadus made motion, Jerry seconded, all approved

Fire Hydrant:
$1600-$1800 for installation of Fire Hydrant, Either one payment with card or three monthly installments included on monthly billing per board at Tuckaleechee Utility
Broadus made motion, Shirley seconded, all approved

Outbuilding for storage at barn:
Frank to price.
big-valley-resort-minutes-6-18-16 june-email-reportsJerry made motion, Shirley seconded, all approved

July 4th:

Parade at 10 am, hotdogs at noon, fireworks at dusk., Jerry to setup patriotic music at barn, Wayne to bring wood and trailer for shooting fireworks, Jerry to donate money from rummage for fireworks purchase. Paula to order. Broadus to bring trailer to haul fireworks.

Jerry made motion, Frank seconded, .all approved

Frank made motion to adjourn…Jerry seconded…all approved